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Project Accounting Coordinator

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TynanGroup LP Tempe, AZ office is seeking to fill a Project Accounting Coordinator position. The Project Accounting Coordinator will report directly to the Senior Project Accountant and work closely with Project Managers to complete monthly draw packages and ensure projects are completed on budget.  Job Type: Full-time

Role & Duties

  1. Work closely with Project Team, Consultants/Contractors and Clients.
  2. Review project invoicing and pay applications for accuracy and applicable back up (insurance, lien waivers, receipts, etc.)
  3. Prepare monthly draw packages (containing consultant invoices, contractor pay applications and miscellaneous invoices) for Project Manager approval.
  4. Assist in assembly of monthly draw packages and Project Budget Reports.
  5. Assist in managing contracts, change orders, and billing within Project Budget.
  6. Perform additional assignments, as directed by the Senior Project Accountant.
  7. Assist in the communication and follow up with contractors, designers, owners, etc. to resolved outstanding issues.
  8. Assist Project Manager(s) in the communication and coordination of project requirements, (scope, budgets, schedules, deadlines, etc.) with designers/consultants/contractors.
  9. Assist in the communication of Project Manager(s) feedback of direction to designer/consultants for budget and schedule adherence.
  10. Some administrative duties.

Skill Set & Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in with an emphasis in Accounting, Business, Construction Management, Architecture, or related field preferred.
  2. Minimum 2 years of Project Accounting work experience in a Construction or Project Management environment.
  3. Knowledge of AIA documents and billing.
  4. Knowledge of standard contract terms, including cost-plus, lump sum, and guaranteed max price, and how they are applied in the billing process.
  5. Intermediate to advanced computer literacy, including experience in excel.
  6. Proactive, flexible, and comfortable with changing requirements.
  7. Ability to work well with others under deadline situations and respond to changes in priorities.
  8. Professional written and verbal communication skills with strong organizational skills and attention to detail.


  1. Full Medical Insurance
  2. Dental & Vision Insurance options
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Paid Vacation Time
  5. 401K

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