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Project Coordinator

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Project Coordinators are responsible in conjunction with Tynan Group’s Project Managers or Project Director as Client’s on-site representative for the construction and/or renovation period.

They are also responsible for coordination and general administrative support including but not limited to E-Filing, Faxing, E-mail, Phone, etc. as required by the Project Director, Team Leaders and Project Manager for TynanGroup for the day-to-day operations and development of the project.

Role & Duties

  1. Generate and maintain all project documentation filing system, trackers, logs, (contract status, RFl’s, certificate of insurance status, close out documentation, submittals, etc.). Assist in the communication and follow up with contractors, designers, owners, etc. to resolved outstanding issues.
  2. Serves as point of contact for Corporate Office Manager for administrative, personnel, and financial policies.
  3. Assist Project Manager(s) in the communication and coordination of project requirements (scope, budgets, schedules, deadlines, etc.) with designers/ consultants/ contractors.
  4. Assist in the generation of RFP’s and bid packages for distribution to consultants/project coordinators.
  5. Review project contractor pay applications against contract amounts, confirm percentages complete with Project Manager(s), review all required back up information for completeness, accuracy, etc. (lien waivers, material invoices, stored materials back up, change order approvals).
  6. Generate letters of intent and contract documents for review and approval of Project Manager/Sr. Project Manager.
  7. Coordinate the scheduling and agenda of design presentation meetings kick off meetings, Preconstruction meetings, etc. Based on Project Manager(s) information, generate and distribute meeting minutes as required.
  8. Coordinate and summarize value-engineering options during budding/negotiating phase per Project Manager’s direction.
  9. Update and maintain Tg preferred contractor and consultant lists.
  10. Provides administrative and coordination support to the Construction team by carrying out the following duties: vendor coordination, ordering and tracking of construction materials and equipment, contract administration, tracking and processing of purchase orders, payment processing, and lien release management.
  11. Assist in the communication of project Manager(s) feedback of direction to designer/ consultants for budget and schedule adherence.
  12. Distribute punch lists as required. Assist in the coordination of project close out/ punch list requirements with all consultants and contractors.

Skill Set & Qualifications

  1. A cursory understanding of construction procedures and material and project management principles.
  2. Familiarity with construction/ project management software is a plus.
  3. Outstanding communication skills.
  4. Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
  5. A level headed, open minded, team player.
  6. Someone who thrives in a fast paced, deadline driven, ever-changing environment.
  7. Ability to pass a background check.
  8. Large project experience preferred but not required.
  9. Construction estimating experience a plus.
  10. Must be proactive and flexible.
  11. Willingness to travel is a plus.
  12. Professional written and verbal communication skills.
  13. E-mail, Outlook, Office Suite Word, Excel, skills required.
  14. Ability to work from job sites, but to stay in communication with other TG team members and offices.


  1. Full Medical Insurance
  2. Dental & Vision Insurance options
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Paid Vacation Time
  5. 401K

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