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Bacara Resort & Spa #1 of the 17 Top Renovated Hotels and Resorts

This oceanfront property has seen an infusion of $20 million since it was acquired by Pacific Hospitality Group in 2013. The latest upgrades were completed in November, including in-room advanced entertainment systems that provide customized messaging for groups. The renovation of 358 guest rooms was completed in July. There’s 70,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor event space and a 211-seat screening room.

The resort’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the guest rooms’ automated lighting and climate controls, which help with energy conservation. Bacara also donated $150,000 worth of guest room furnishings to Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Charities and other organizations following the remodel.

“There will never be another resort like Bacara built on the California coast,” says Kory Kramer, chief investment officer of Pacific Hospitality Group. “We are committed to maintaining Bacara’s world-renowned reputation.”

TynanGroup acted as Project Manager for the development and original construction of the Bacara Resort and Spa. In 2012-2013, TynanGroup managed the renovation of the guestrooms buildings. Recently renovated guestroom interiors were managed by TynanGroup as both Project Manager and Construction Manager. Currently, TynanGroup is managing the renovation of the Pool Bar and Bistro Exterior Upgrades project, as well as the Angel Oak Restaurant for the current owners.

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